Cars, bikes , trucks,heavy machines


Offers your company support for participating in passenger car auctions, truck auctions, motorbike auctions, and heavy machine auctions all over Japan.
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The Advantages of dealing with us?

  • You get experienced staff who rigorously check the working condition of all sorts of cars, trucks, bikes, boats, and heavy machinery.

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  • You can be assured that we are personally inspect all vehicles on site, whether that be cars, trucks and heavy machinery, ans so forth.
  • Never will you experience radiaton problems as we use American Geiger counters curtain that before you buy and to avoid problems with Japanese and foreign customs.
  • You will be personally updated and informed about your desired purchase with clear pictures and phone calls from the site as we perform inspection to give you peace of mind.

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  • Unlike other companies, having our own trucks, we don’t outsource the transportation of heavy machines, damaged cars, bikes and boats. That’s means that you will get the lowest cost for transportation to ports and disassembly yards. Furthermore, our location is ideal to elimate transportation costs to the majority of the ports; Osaka, Kobe, Maizuru, Fukui.
  •  We also organize shipping from Tokyo, Yokohama, Niigata, Toyama, Otaru if it is in the best interests of our clients.
  • You have access to a car to visit  2-3 auctions a day, which are only 30-50 away.
  • Encouraging our clients to visit Japan, we can organize visas for you and your workers along with accommodation, and assess to the telephone and internet.
  • Our friendly staff are multilingual and willing to help you with anything whatsoever.
  • We like to turn your «business trip» into more of a comfortable holiday here in Kansai, the cultural center of the country, together with other closeby and famous toursit destinations such as Kyoto and Nara where you can visit cultural sites: temples, palaces, parks, museums and other cultural areas of interest. (1) 33370 170107_Kyoto_Japan 2016 33366 33367

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  • Above all, with business being business, we have your best interests at heart, giving you flexibility on our commission and our dedication to get the best possible deals for you.
  • We are old- time official members of auctions, such as USS, ARAI, TAA, CAA, HAA, IAUC, JAA.